PROOF that public schools are terrorist training camps: Watch this black student assault a white science teacher with extreme violence and verbal abuse

Cursing at, violently threatening, and physically assaulting a teacher by grabbing his neck is an expulsion-level scenario that, in most cases, would likely also result in criminal charges being pressed against the student perpetrator – unless, of course, that student perpetrator is black, and the teacher victim is a white-guilted social justice warrior (SJW).

This exact scenario took place recently at Cedar Hill High School in South Dallas, where a violent black thug wearing a “do-rag” proceeded to trash the desk of his physics teacher, Bobby Soehnge, before proceeding to scream in the man’s face while clenching his throat and shoving him against the whiteboard – all over the fact that Soehnge confiscated the thug’s phone during class.

Video footage of the disturbing incident captured by a fellow student quickly went “viral” after Chris Hunt, whose daughter attends Cedar Hill, uploaded it to YouTube. The black thug, whose identity is being concealed under the guise of alleged “privacy laws,” can be heard and seen in the video yelling at Soehnge:

“Give me my f**king phone. This is the last time asking your stupid a**. Give me my da** phone.”

You can watch the full video online or below.

Wow this happened at my daughters school today?? This is sad. Father’s We Gotta Raise These Young Men Better, But I commend the teacher because he handled it & he’s a better man than me!!🤬

Posted by Chris Hunt on Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Principal claims that black student who assaulted white teacher was just having “a bad day,” no big deal

Presumably fearful that the black thug might try to harm or even kill him, Soehnge is then seen handing back the phone. But it was the school’s response to the incident and subsequent lack of punishment that really set people off about this incident, including principal Michael McDonald’s seemingly dismissive statement that the black thug was just having “a bad day.”

In a statement given to the media, McDonald explained that Soehnge actually met with the unnamed student after class, during which time they “talked” and “hugged.”

“He spent a lot of time working with the student through the course of the year,” McDonald stated, as if this somehow negates the fact that the black thug violently assaulted his teacher, apparently without consequence. “They have a great relationship,” McDonald added.

Soehnge himself was quick to advocate on behalf of his assaulter as well, having told WFAA that the black thug simply “lost his balance and acted out.”

In Soehnge’s view, talking and hugging rather than expelling and pressing charges was the right thing to do because “deescalating the situation” was his top “priority.”

“The important thing was to not add any energy into the dynamic that would make the situation more complicated,” Soehnge stated in the most politically correct verbiage he could conjure, adding that he “doesn’t hold a grudge” because the classroom “is a place for growth whether that be in academics or life.”

Many people disagree, though, including thousands of social media users who commented below the shared video footage that the black thug perpetrator deserved a much harsher punishment. The only reason he was let off the hook with a quick chat and some physical affection is because his skin is black, many of them wrote, arguing that this is completely unacceptable and sets a terrible disciplinary precedent within the public school system.

But Soehnge, a self-proclaimed “mentor” who operates a program known as the “Dream Team,” is insistent that “forgiveness” was the appropriate response to this violent incident. Soehnge even went so far as to tell the Star-Telegram that he wishes the video footage of him being choked and shoved against the wall by the black thug never “got out in the world,” adding that his assaulter is “really not a bad kid.”

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