Leftist celebrities call for Trump supporters to be EUTHANIZED – watch at Brighteon.com

Renowned pianist and regular NPR contributor Christopher O’Riley doesn’t like people who support Donald Trump. In fact, he believes that all of them are so “deplorable” that they should be euthanized en masse.

This seems to be a growing sentiment among the radical left, and it’s being fueled by American traitors like Jim Acosta from CNN, who following a recent Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, called video footage of the president’s exuberant supporters a “sad scene.” This fueled the rage of fake news imbibers like O’Riley, who not long after tweeted:

“Calling them Deplorables is euphemizing them. Maybe better to euthanize?”

During a recent segment of InfoWars that aired on the Brighteon.com platform, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discussed the outrageous comment and what it suggests about the hate-filled left, which isn’t holding back in revealing what it truly thinks about Americans who support our Commander-in-Chief.

“This is on top of The New York Times editorial board member (Sarah Jeong) who goes on this racist rampage saying that white people are ‘only fit to live underground like groveling goblins,'” Adams states, reading various headlines of leftists calling Trump supporters “Nazis” and members of the “KKK.”

“You know, I’ve seen goblins, and they’re pretty much leftists,” Adams jokes.

Hatred, racism, and intolerance: this describes the left’s treatment of white people and conservatives

It’s nothing short of eye-opening to see the very same people who co-opted the catchphrase “Love Trumps Hate” rage with utter hatred towards their political opponents like this. Never before in the history of America have people with conservative values been so vilified and slandered by leftists that they actually face the prospect of genocide, should leftists ever see their maniacal dreams come true.

White conservatives, especially, seem to be bearing the brunt of the left’s gross intolerance and racism – two more adjectives that leftists love to erroneously tack onto conservatives. As the whole world can now plainly see, it’s the left, and not the right, that embodies evil traits like hatred, racism, and intolerance for everyone who doesn’t think like they do.

“The mass hysteria of the left is peaking right now,” says Adams, noting that the recent hiring of anti-white racist Sarah Jeong to The New York Times editorial board demonstrated even further what the leftist media thinks of people of Caucasian descent who have white skin.

“If you’re a racist, bigoted, discriminatory dingbat, then you can work for The New York Times,” adds Adams. “Is anyone surprised? And then these people wonder why real Americans hate the media. Why we think that CNN is fake news. Why The New York Times is despised: because you’re hiring racists.”

As for other baseless claims by the left that conservative white people are “racists” and members of the “KKK,” for instance, Adams reveals that these are the actual traits of those making such false accusations. It’s the left, he points out, that hates people based on their skin color, and based on their conservative values.

You are the new KKK,” Adams says, referring to The New York Times.

“The NYT is the KKK of the online news world today. You’re hiring racist bigots. You might as well have her wear a black pointy hood of some kind, or a white pointy hood. It doesn’t matter what the color is; just put a pointy hood on that girl so the world can see what she really is. She’s a racist. She hates white people.”

Be sure to check out the full segment of InfoWars at Brighteon.com.

You can also learn more about the leftist-fueled racial animosity that’s rapidly growing in America today by visiting RaceWar.news.

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