The Left covers up for racist, hate-filled, anti-white NYT staffer Sarah Jeong in latest attempt at revisionist history

If you still believe that Democrats and their Left-wing sycophantic supporters are the true warriors against hate, racism, and bigotry, this story ought to disabuse you of that mischaracterization for good.

In recent weeks, The New York Times hired as an opinion page writer Sarah Jeong, a far-Left hater and bigot whose Twitter page is littered with anti-white racist filth.

In one post from November 2014, she wrote, simply, #CancelWhitePeople, according to The Gateway Pundit.

In another, she added more words and lots of vulgarity: “Dumb**s f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

“oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,” she wrote in another.

You get the drift. If Sarah Jeong isn’t a bigoted, racist hater, then there is no such thing as one.

And yet not only has the Times defended her, in part, by making ridiculous claims like ‘she can’t be a racist because she doesn’t have any power,’ the paper explicitly sought her out because “diversity” on the op-ed page.

What’s really stupid is that her hiring was ultimately blessed by white men including the Time’s “white privileged” publisher, A. G. Sulzberger.

She’s also used some pretty pathetic excuses to justify her racism – like turning the tables.

“As a woman of color on the internet, I have faced torrents of online hate,” she said, according to the failing New York Daily News. Her new employer took the same tack, “arguing that she was targeted because of her work and her race,” the NY Daily News reported.

Does anyone think that perhaps she was “targeted” by racists comments because she made them first?

Did anyone at the Times think to ask? Of course not.

This is the new American Left

The cover-up for this racist continued at Wikipedia, which proved once again why most reputable colleges and universities do not allow their students to use it as a source: It’s inaccurate and biased.

Initially, the ‘Internet encyclopedia of record’ had no mention of Jeong’s racists tweets, but as of this writing, the site added content about them but provided her a way out by saying she called her tweets “counter-trolling.” That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

“Certainly, this justification is laughable and such extreme consideration would not be extended to a white journalist with a record of tweeting hateful comments toward members of any other race,” writes Jeff Crouere at “The newspaper had no qualms about firing technology columnist Quinn Norton when her anti-gay and anti-Black tweets were unearthed. Presumably, in the view of The New York Times, charges of racism are reserved for white people only, especially those who are conservatives.”

Without a doubt. And let’s not forget the treatment of Roseanne Barr who was fired recently for a race-related tweet about former President Obama’s longtime adviser Valerie Jarrett.

It’s all part of a pattern on the Left: Anything said to white people and in particular white men is acceptable and justifiable because of all the alleged horrors white men have inflicted upon America like capitalism, innovation, technology, inventions, modern medicine, and a ton of other accomplishments. (Related: Obama praises genocidal South African leader who promotes mass murder of whites.)

But beyond that, it’s just hypocritical as can be that racism in America is still present in its ugliest forms and even championed by a certain political party and its members (Democrats) when once upon a time that very same party portrayed itself as the epitome of anti-racism and bigotry.

As for Jeong, her outsized hatred of white people and especially white men doesn’t jibe with the fact that a whole bunch of them dressed up as American soldiers put their lives on the line for her every day of her life – in her native Korea and today in her adopted country.

To call her a raging bigot is too kind.

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