Restaurant charges whites more to fight against “racial wealth disparity;” anti-white racism has now gone mainstream

Shortly after he took over the reins of Obama’s Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder ordered career prosecutors to drop a case of fairly obvious voter intimidation at a polling station in Philadelphia by members of the New Black Panther Party.

An investigation was ordered during the final days of the Bush administration after reports that club-wielding, militant-dressed Black Panthers presented a threatening and intimidating presence at the polling station in stumping for the first black president.

“The department dismissed the Panthers case despite the fact that the government had already won it, due to the defendants’ contemptuous default. The dismissal occurred despite the fact that career prosecutors judged the case to be exceedingly strong. Nevertheless, Holder’s top staffers have maintained for months that the rationale for the dismissal was a good-faith disagreement between low-ranking civil servants (i.e., career prosecutors) about the correct construction of the Voting Rights Act,” wrote former national security prosecutor Andrew McCarthy for National Review in September 2010.

The implications of the case were clear: A black, Left-wing activist AG, likely on orders from the first black president, wasn’t about to prosecute and possibly imprison black violators of voting rights laws who were intimidating white voters as they went into polling places.

The racist policies of the Obama-Holder ‘justice’ system didn’t stop there. In fact, it spread across the land, mostly to police departments that were regularly accused of “racist” policies involving police killings of black subjects. Never mind that black suspects killed by police officers, in the vast majority of cases, were later found by juries to be culpable; racism was used as a means of usurping authority from local police and handing it to the racialist so he could hammer white street cops. (Related: How is this not racism? Texas university students launch “No Whites Allowed” magazine.)

Thankfully, though much to the chagrin of black Leftists in the media and in Congress, Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions put an end to DoJ persecution of local police jurisdictions.

Under Obama’s second attorney general, Loretta Lynch — when she wasn’t meeting the husband of a criminal under investigation on the tarmac of an airport in Phoenix — was filing suit against universities and other entities for the high crime of insisting that men use bathrooms and locker rooms designated for men, and women use bathrooms and locker rooms designated for women.

Yes, the Justice Department’s Office of Civil Rights sure was active during the Obama years when it came to prosecuting white people, cops, and rational people who understand that the human species has two sexes and we’re born as one or the other, no matter what we later ‘identify’ as.

But now it appears as though that division has either closed shop or laid everyone off because serial abuses of white people and conservatives continue unabated, without so much as a letter of warning from the DoJ CRD.

As such, the mistreatment of and discrimination against white people — by persons of color and by other whites who have been convinced they have something to atone for — is becoming far too common, and it’s being allowed to happen.

As the Washington Times reports, a restaurant in New Orleans actually charged white patrons more — $18 more — to ‘raise awareness’ about “racial wealth disparity.”

The paper noted:

The restaurant, Saartj, was a temporary, quick-serve lunch counter launched by Nigerian chef Tunde Wey that closed on March 4. Due to the venture’s success, he plans to reopen the pop-up shop in Detroit from April 29 to May 5.

White patrons at Saartj were presented with two options: pay $12 for lunch or a suggested $30. The extra $18 would later be redistributed to a black customer.

Seventy-eight percent of white customers chose to pay the extra fee, Mr. Wey said, citing white guilt as a key factor.

The chef insisted this was all just a “social experiment” — 76 percent of blacks offered the extra money refused to take it (thereby blowing his theories about economic injustice out of the water) but the point is this: Racism against whites is going mainstream, having been initiated and spread by haters on the Democratic Party Left.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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