Alt-Left “militia leader” in St. Louis calls for supporters to TERRORIZE lawmakers over opposition to “net neutrality”

First things first: Democrats and other Alt-Left scumbags who tell you that the Obama administration’s “net neutrality” was really about keeping the Internet “neutral” are lying to you, flat out.

They’re lying.

Obama’s intention was not to leave office with the Internet remaining the commercially viable and massive freedom of speech platform that it was when he took over. Far from it.

Like the intentionally misnamed “Affordable Care Act” — which has made health insurance coverage unaffordable for tens of millions of Americans — “Net neutrality” was really about government takeover and control of Internet content. It had virtually nothing to do with Internet access and everything to do with destroying true capitalist competition.

That said, the Alt-Left has gone completely bonkers over this issue, especially Alt-Left Millennials who have grown up watching so much free content on platforms like YouTube they have been indoctrinated to believe that nobody should have to pay anybody for content, or, at the very least, not pay them much.

Well, that’d be fine if we all really did live in that magical utopia that Democrats and their sycophantic media pals regularly regurgitate — but we don’t. Services like the Internet are provided by companies that have to hire and pay people to run, fix, maintain, and improve them. If we don’t pay for the privilege of the Internet — and it is a privilege, not a right — then it won’t be long before we don’t have an Internet, period, because there won’t be any companies around to provide service.

So when I see lunatics like “Captain Howdy” — a self-styled “Leftist militia leader” and Internet warrior — posting on his/her Twitter account about how followers should show up at the homes of legislators who oppose Obama’s Internet takeover, it makes me want to puke.

And beat the daylights out of somebody.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, this nut job Che Guevara wannabe tweeted last month that people should “Dox” — a goofy hipster term meaning ‘to publish private personal information’ like their address — lawmakers who opposed Net neutrality, so other nut job Che Guevara wannabes show up at their homes to harass, frighten, and terrorize them and their families.

You know, organized cowardice. And political intimidation.

The terrorism is so bad for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, an Indian-American lawyer who led the effort to repeal Obama’s Net takeover, that his young children are scared to play outside of their own home.

And you thought the Alt-Left crowd was “tolerant,” right? They’re not; they’re mindless punk trolls and bullies who get off on group terrorization of anyone who dares to offend their little sensibilities. (Related: Reality offends Leftists: If you didn’t know some countries are sh*tholes, you’ve never really seen the world.)

Conservatives made to suffer through Obama’s economic and policy incoherence and “America sucks” foreign policy never once thought about trolling a working man’s family for the sake of making a political point. Or, in Captain Howdy’s deranged little world, patrolling a smartphone or computer keyboard in an effort to rally fellow mindless travelers in the sewer-world of Twitter.

Rather, we focused instead on making a better political argument and converting hearts and minds to our way of thinking the old-fashioned way — by making sense — so that we could win more elections and govern. In fact, if Democrats want to do that again someday, I just laid out the strategy.

The pity party on the Left began an hour after it became obvious that Donald J. Trump handily defeated the most corrupt, criminally investigated Democrat to ever secure the party’s presidential nomination. And it continues to this day, now taking the shape of BS threats of “revolution” and “armed rebellion” sent into the ethersphere by pseudo-tough Internet commandos who could never do or be anything close to an Ajit Pai.

Or Donald J. Trump.

That’s about as pathetic as it gets.

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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