The deranged Left goes after LANGUAGE, demanding that universities “burn” all books containing any of these snowflake trigger words

The millennial snowflakes among us are really starting to become frustrated when people call them snowflakes.

At some universities within the U.K., the United States and elsewhere, students are creating lists of “trigger words” (also known as words that they feel are hateful or even remotely offensive) and demanding that they be removed from books in university libraries. According to conservative politician Jo Johnson, there are too many “worrying” incidents of student groups attempting to “stifle those who do not agree with them.” Johnson also warned that institutions have a responsibility to become more involved to ensure that all points of view are able to be spoken and heard, regardless of how controversial they may be. (Related: Here’s why precious snowflakes will eliminate themselves from the human gene pool.)

During a recent interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Johnson said that some students are even beginning to create lists of trigger words, and are demanding that any books that contain these so-called “offensive” terms be removed from university libraries. Thankfully, in April of this year, the U.K. will introduce the Office for Students, which will have the power to punish universities that don’t take the necessary steps to defend the freedom of speech. Universities that give into the students’ demands and take action against trigger words could be fined or even deregistered, thus rendering them effectively inoperable.

Truthfully, these are exactly the kind of free speech protections that need to be instituted in the United States, considering the fact that the First Amendment is constantly under attack by social justice warriors and the progressive left. It’s a shame, really, because our country already has protections put in place for the freedom of speech in the form of a document called the United States Constitution. But because the Constitution gets about as much attention today as a rock on the side of the road, perhaps it’s time to create our own Office for Students in order to defend the freedom of expression from millennial snowflakes on college campuses across the country. (Related: Millennial snowflakes now claim that calling them “snowflakes” damages their mental health.)

Back in 2015, The College Fix reported that professors and faculty members at the University of California have been instructed not to say certain phrases like “America is the land of opportunity,” “There is only one race, the human race,” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job,” among other things that were included on a long list of so-called microaggressions.

These “microaggressions” were presented to educators during a series of faculty leader training sessions that were held throughout the 2014 – 2015 school year at nine out of the ten University of California campuses. The sessions were meant to give educators tips on how they can avoid offending students, as well as how to create more diversity during the hiring process. Deans and department chairs across the UC system were instructed to avoid using certain phrases like “America is the land of opportunity” and even simple pronouns like “male” and “female.” (Related: For more campus news, visit

Other phrases that are unacceptable include “Everyone in this society can succeed if they work hard enough,” “Where are you from or where were you born?” “Affirmative action is racist,” and “When I look at you, I don’t see color.” Obviously, this whole push by millennials and the educators who sympathize with them to ban words that may come across as “microaggressions” or “offensive” has gone too far. It has reached a point where the snowflakes among us are so sensitive that virtually everything hurts their feelings, and the fact that the rest of the country has to walk on eggshells and curb their own speech in order to appease them is outrageous.

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