Racially paranoid Leftists now claim soap dispensers are racist because they only respond to white skin

Can a soap dispenser in a public bathroom be “racist?” Only if you’re an intolerant Left-wing nut job who doesn’t understand basic physics.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, a video went viral last week showing a soap dispenser squirting out product for a person who appears to be white, while failing to do so for someone with darker skin and who appears to be black:

The now-viral video was uploaded to Twitter … by Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Facebook’s head of platform partnerships in the Middle east and Africa.

He tweeted: ‘If you have ever had a problem grasping the importance of diversity in tech and its impact on society, watch this video.’

It wasn’t clear if the darker-skinned person in the video was Afigbo; what is clear, however, is the absurdity of a) suggesting that having more black people working in the technology industry would have ‘solved’ this ‘issue;’ and b) that by design the soap dispenser is a racist construct.

As you might have expected, not a few idiots likened Afigbo’s video to current racial tensions in the United States — though the dispenser was manufactured by Shenzhen Yeukun Technology, which is a Chinese company.

Speaking of not having enough diversity in technology, one person named “Marlo” — whose profile picture is that of a black woman — tweeted: “So many people justifying this and showcasing just how deeply embedded racism is. Y’all think it’s *just* a tech prob. PEOPLE CREATE TECH.”

Yes, well, in this case Chinese people created it, Marlo; are you accusing the Chinese of being racists? After all, Chinese society is essentially homogenous; not too many people of African descent there. So it’d be a little difficult to get their input in the research and development department.

“It’s not that this exact thing is the problem, it’s that a million tiny things like this exist,” tweeted someone named “Kelly Eng,” a white girl. “And that having more poc in dev would solve.”

Sure. But, as The Daily Mail noted, the product in question uses an infrared sensor to detect the hand; when it does, it releases the soap.

How it works is like this: The device sends out an invisible light emitted by an infrared LED bulb. When the hand reflects light back, then the dispenser releases soap product. But whiter, lighter skin reflects light — always has, always will — while darker skin absorbs light — always has, always will. But that’s physics, not “racism.”

“If the reflective object actually absorbs that light instead, then the sensor will never trigger because not enough light gets to it,” Richard Whitney, vice president of product at Particle, told Mic.

“Maybe if the company that designed this employed a single dark skinned [sic] person they’d have found this problem earlier,” tweeted someone called “kaitlmoo,” who appears as a white woman in the profile picture.

Yeah, maybe. And maybe not since, you know, physics and all. No amount of hiring people of color is going to change the hard-and-fast physics of how infrared light functions. (Related: Insanity of the intolerant Left reaches whole new level of absurdity as ASIAN-Americans are now vilified for having the last name “Lee”)

Such asinine comments only stem from asinine assumptions by hyper-sensitized people who have been brainwashed into believing every single thing that is or will ever be is a racist construct. Far-Left global warming hoaxers claim anyone who disbelieves the theory that humans are causing it say they ignore “the science;” I guess it’s okay for some of the same Left-wing drones to ignore “the physics” of infrared light when it suits their narrow-minded agendas.

What’s also noteworthy is that these kinds of soap dispensers were developed in the first place because too many people were all freaky about having to touch something someone else has touched (it’s soap!).

Now they’re angry that the technology used to keep the little snowflakes safe from someone else’s germs follows the rules of our physical world — rules that can’t and won’t be changed just because they “offend” someone.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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