Did Google just surpass Monsanto as the world’s most EVIL corporation?

For a very long time, Monsanto has been known as the world’s most evil corporation for promoting poison, monopolizing the seed supply and suing farmers after contaminating their fields with GMOs. But now, Google seems to have supplanted Monsanto, taking the prize as the world’s most evil corporation for its outrageous censorship, collusion with spy agencies and blatant attempts to propagandize the world with dishonest, deceitful information about everything from politics to natural medicine.

Google, which was once founded on the slogan of “Do no evil” has in many ways become the very thing it once opposed. Beyond mere “evil,” Google seems to have recently become the most dangerous entity on the planet, threatening human freedom, human knowledge and the very future of human society as you’ll read below.

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Deliberate de-listing and censorship of independent media giants

Mere weeks after de-listing the entire Natural News website due to a totally fabricated technical excuse, Google has now been caught red-handed instructing its contractors to rate content as “low” or “medium” quality for independent media website InfoWars, which exposes globalist agendas. InfoWars, which remained silent about Google’s censorship of Natural News, has now learned that remaining silent is a horrible idea because, well, “Then they came for me.”

Now InfoWars is in the crosshairs of Google, which seems determined to manually alter its search results to deliberately silence all views Google doesn’t like. The dishonest search engine even chooses clickbait websites like BuzzFeed and Salon to “fact check” search engine results around “sensitive” topics such as Hillary Clinton, whom the delusional Left still insists never had a fainting spell and didn’t help sell U.S. uranium mining rights to Russian-owned mining companies.

Lost in all this is the fact that the independent media is the only truly free press remaining in America, while the corporate-run “establishment” media is steeped in blatantly fake news and an all-out abandonment of anything resembling real journalism. If you want to see a real journalist doing real journalism, look no further than Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.org. All by himself, the guy has more courage and gumshoe journo-sense than the entire staff of the New York Times.

In fact, it is the independent media that has led the way on every groundbreaking story that was once called a conspiracy theory, including Susan Rice’s surveillance of Trump team officials, the NSA spying on all your phone calls, Smart TVs spying on citizens and even the scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism in African-American infants. While the corporate-run media tries to cover up all these truths, the independent media is breaking the stories wide open on a daily basis, effectively taking over the job from the old school media and proving that citizen journalism is the future for truth on the internet. The rising new media, in other words, is making the old media look incredibly incompetent, which is why Google is now desperately trying to silence the new media and protect the old media monopolies from their impending collapse.

As indy media giant All News Pipeline reported today:

In conjunction with those types of attacks, we have also the mainstream establishment media attack Independent Media, from labeling them fake news” to calling them Russian propaganda, as well as actively “sitting” on stories that reflected badly on the previous administration, such as the Susan Rice “unmasking” bombshell, which was revealed by Independent Media personality, Mike Cernovich, who also reported that MSM outlets had the news, specifying Bloomberg and the NYT, but were refusing to report the truth to their audience. That was proven true when Bloomberg published their article over 14 hours later, confirming that Cernovich’s blockbuster, exclusive report was true.

No wonder Google is trying so desperately to destroy and censor the independent media: WE’RE WINNING at every level! That’s because humanity wants to be free, and it is only through censorship, oppression and Google-style “Ministry of Truth” destruction of human knowledge that humanity can be kept enslaved. Over 70,000 people signed our Whitehouse petition to stop Google censorship, and that was during the time that Google 100% censored every Natural News web page, by the way, in a malicious effort to silence us.

Google targets independent media for economic destruction, carries out “economic sabotage” against independent voices who question the status quo

In a financial assault aimed at the independent media, Google is deceptively down-rating independent media web pages in a sneaky, covert effort to destroy web traffic to those sites. It’s also aggressively demonetizing independent media YouTube channels, ripping away as much as 90% of the revenue earned by indy media content producers.

This is, of course, a form of economic sabotage against the independent media, deliberately waged by Google against the most important new voices of our generation. Google’s attempts to silence indy media voices is just as damning and destructive as historical efforts to silence people like Martin Luther King, Jr. who fought for human freedom and awakening (and was killed for doing so, of course). Would Google have stood up for MLK Jr., vs. the establishment status quo? Not a chance.

Just as damning is Google’s all-in protectionist schemes to protect the profits of Big Pharma by tweaking search algorithms to favor pro-drug results while suppressing natural remedies and holistic medicine (which represent the only real solution to our current health care crisis, by the way). Did you know that Google Adwords blocked the Health Ranger Store from remarketing advertising because we sell superfoods and herbal remedies? We were told that because we offer medicinal mushrooms, we are selling what they claim is “medicine” (that obviously might threaten the profits of Big Pharma). Not that we want to hand money over to Google anyway, but it sure is informative to know that we’ve been banned for the simple reason that we offer safe, affordable, scientifically validated natural remedies that help save lives. Apparently, saving lives with natural medicine is despised by Google.

On every topic imaginable, Google is opposed to freedom, humanity, health and happiness… it allies itself with the most destructive forces on our planet to suppress and enslave humankind

On every topic you can think of — natural medicine, independent media, GMOs, economic freedom, medical choice, pesticides, the abortion industry, infectious disease, etc. — Google has now aligned itself with the most evil, destructive and criminal forces across our world. It’s now apparent to an ever-increasing number of people that Google has become the “enabler” of mass human death, destruction and suffering while censoring freedom, truth and awakening.

What do you think about all this? Do you agree that Google is steeped in evil? Sound off in the comments below and let your voice be heard (while you still have a voice, anyway…).

Beyond promoting discredited mainstream news sources (CNN, NYT, etc.) that seek the absolute destruction of liberty, health and objective truth, Google has also gone all-in for spying on its own users, suppressing human knowledge and enriching the most evil corporations on the planet (such as Monsanto, Merck, Syngenta, Nestle, etc.)

Starting with banning independent media from Google News to now openly encouraging penalties against indy media news sites, Google seems determined to enslave humanity in a delusional bubble of false information from “official” sources that only know how to LIE. Those sources, of course, all tend to be Leftist, liberal sources that have now repeatedly shown they are completely intolerant of all opposing views, labeling them “hate speech” even if they are reasoned, rational analysis or opinions. In effect, Google has become an extension of the intolerance of its employees and executives, and it is wielding its search engine results as a weapon against human knowledge to usher in a new era of left-leaning totalitarianism that pretends to be “truth.”

If you add it all up, it sure looks like Google wants to enslave humanity, destroy independent thought, silence the voices of reason and dominate humanity’s future. And it is very close to achieving all those sinister goals right now.

If you use Google or own Google stock shares, you might be supporting EVIL without even knowing it

The upshot of all this is that if you use Google in any way — Google search, Google analytics, Google adwords, etc. — you are supporting what might just be the most evil corporate entity on the planet. It’s also true if you own Google shares, by the way, because just owning such shares provides financial capital to the corporate entity that originally sold those shares.

If you’re not an evil person, you need to think twice about using Google or owning Google shares. Upon closer inspection, you may find that Google’s actions violate your own human ethics and contradict the very things you believe are important for keeping humanity informed, aware and as free as possible. You already know that human freedom is not possible unless humans are free to think for themselves, right? And they aren’t free to think if they’re not free to access dissenting views that question the status quo. It is precisely those dissenting views that Google is now aggressively silencing.

As a result, each of us who cares about the future of freedom and real progress for the human race must make a concerted effort to boycott all Google services and products to the greatest extent possible. Sadly, Google has attained a monopoly position of dominance over search, although smaller, independent search services do exist such as GoodGopher.com, which I created to index the independent media. DuckDuckGo.com is another Google search alternative that currently seems to provide excellent results, and it doesn’t spy on you like Google does. To see indy media news headlines throughout the day from censored websites, visit and bookmark Censored.news.

It may be time to organize a mass protest of Google and its employees

As Mike Cernovich said yesterday in an interview on InfoWars, he believes it’s time to organize a mass PEACEFUL protest of Google and its employees. The independent media may indeed be reaching a point where its very survival depends on organizing an effort to physically occupy Google campus sites, protest Google’s outrageous censorship policies and demand an end to Google’s totalitarian oppression of human knowledge.

Perhaps it’s time that Google employees were told to their faces that they are working for the world’s most EVIL entity which is suppressing and enslaving humanity. The day is probably not far off when Google employees will be publicly shamed and condemned for taking part in the systematic pattern of economic sabotage, censorship and deliberate monopoly protectionism of poison-pushing corporate entities that Google protects. “The Left is morally and fiscally bankrupt, devoid of coherent solutions, and corrupted by its embrace of the Corporatocracy,” writes Charles Hugh Smith in a must-read blog article entitled The Left’s Descent to Fascism. His definition of fascism includes this gem that applies perfectly to Google:

This status quo (i.e. The Establishment) seeks to impose a conformity of values and opinion that support the dominant narratives of the status quo via the mass (corporate) media and the state-controlled educational system… Dissent is by definition fake news or hate speech — Orwell would be so proud of the Left’s deft doublespeak.

You can’t be pro-Google and anti-corporation at the same time, by the way. If you oppose corporate monopolies and the 1% running the world, then you must by definition strongly oppose Google for the simple reason that Google protects the 1% and silences the 99%.

I think the day is coming when people who work for Google will be condemned for being part of a dangerous, ominous algorithm that seeks the total enslavement of humanity. Today, people who work for Monsanto don’t run around bragging about their employer, because they know Monsanto has a well-earned reputation for being a deeply evil corporate entity. That same situation is probably coming soon for Google employees who may one day soon look in the mirror and see themselves with a great sense of shame for taking part in the evil domination pursued by Google.

Google is building an army of A.I. military robots… what will it do with all that power?

If we don’t stop Google, it’s only a matter of time before Google’s robot division attains sufficient physical capabilities and A.I. prowess to be unleashed as Terminator-style Hunter-Killer robots to target human beings on the battlefield (or perhaps to even target political enemies). It’s not as far off as you might suppose. Before you know it, Google will be building massive armies of corporate-run robot soldiers, and Google will become a military might unto itself. What will Google do with all that power?

As Google itself has already demonstrated, it will wield power to silence its enemies, suppress the truth, enslave humanity and dominate everything in sight. It’s not difficult to see how, given another 25 years of such evil run amok, Google could overthrow entire nations and supplant the governments we know today with its own totalitarian corporate dictatorship. To envision how Google might operate in a future where it controls the most dangerous humanoid robots armed with weapons, just ask yourself how Google operates today. Does Google respect humanity or does it try to enslave it? Does Google tolerate competition and criticism, or does it try to silence those who speak out against it? Does Google protect the privacy of its users, or does it sell you out with back door access to the NSA that violates your Fourth Amendment privacy every second of every day?

The answer is abundantly clear: Google has become the world’s most evil — and dangerous — corporation. It has become a danger to human freedom, human knowledge and even human life. If we don’t stop Google’s march toward totalitarian dominance, the future of our world will look like a destitute dystopian society of enslaved humans, all kept ignorant and uninformed about reality (thanks to Google’s suppression of truth).

No criticism of the “accepted, fact-checked reality” will be allowed on YouTube, Google or much of the internet, as any person who dares contradict the Leftist totalitarian narratives will be immediately stripped of ad revenues, search engine visibility and public credibility.

Google — which should probably be renamed “OBEY” — will have achieved its ultimate goal of silencing all dissent, controlling all knowledge and overthrowing any governments that oppose it. In this future, Google will run all elections, and all winners of such elections will be little more than Google’s puppets, rubber stamping their legislative schemes that continue to grant more power to everything Google.

Freedom will die.

Dissent will become extinct.

Reason will be labeled “hate speech.”

Conformity will be mandatory.

And one day, half the human population will be declared “obsolete” and no longer needed by the globalists because Google’s advanced robots will replace human labor. At that point, the depopulation ovens will run 24/7, all powered by Google’s A.I. algorithms, of course, which will calculate the most efficient expenditure of energy to terminate a human life.

This is the future for humanity if Google is not stopped.

Share your views on all this in the comment section below. And be sure to bookmark this website, because Google will no doubt fabricate another reason to ban it in order to prevent awakened citizens from reading this thoughtful article that seeks to protect human freedom from internet tyrants.



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